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Business Description

Founded in 1910 and celebrating 100 years in business, Rosco is a global leader and the world's largest manufacturer in the effects and themed lighting industry. The company's comprehensive product range extends into architecture and interior design with products for backlighting decorative materials such as stained glass and onyx; fluorescent sleeves for correcting and balancing, adding color and blocking UV on fluorescent lights; the X24 Effects lighting projector, for simulating Water or Fire; Gobos used to recreate logos, shapes, shadows and textures with light and Permacolor Dichroic Filters used to color hot light sources.

With its head office in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, Rosco incorporates offices across Europe and within Canada, Brazil and Australia. Sales offices are located in Holland, Germany, Italy and Mexico. Company personnel are maintained in Japan and PRC. Other countries are served by a network of agents and dealers.

ROSCO - Products

Rosco Litepad[TM]
WAN Awards 2009 – Product Finalist. LitePad[TM] is a slim profile, LED light source that creates a soft, even panel of light. With a unique form factor and light weight design, LitePad[TM] is perfect for use in locations where larger conventional luminaries simply cannot fit. LitePad is an exciting new approach to lighting, utilizing sustainable energy efficient LED technology.

Available in custom shapes and sizes, Litepad is your choice for "everywhere lighting".

Rosco X-24 X-Effects[TM]
This truly amazing projector provides large scale rippling light effects previously unavailable to lighting designers. The device utilizes a 200 watt Enhanced Metal Arc source, whose short arc allows for an output of 5K lumens, with a 7000 hour lamp life. The color temperature is similar to a Xenon source at 6000K.

The effect itself is created by rotating two "X" size glass gobos off center of the optical path. This results in a projection that does not appear to have a visible direction or pattern. The color slot will accept dichroic color filters.

Lens trains are available in 30, 50 and 70-degree configurations. Due to the efficiency of the lamp and the design of the optics, all lenses have crisp edges, even for long throws of 100 feet or more.

The X24 X-Effects Projector is available in two configurations. For theatrical entertainment lighting, specify the model with DMX on board. Using five DMX channels, the unit has full control of each effect gobo, lamp strike and light output. The DMX-controlled douser, also initiated through your lighting control board, directs not only the light output but blackouts and fades as well.

For such permanent installations as retail or museum display, or where DMX is not required, the analog X24 X-Effects Projector is a good choice. It includes onboard potentiometers to control the speed and direction of both gobos.

Rosco Permacolor[TM] Dichroic Filters
Dichroic filters are durable glass color filters that transmit only certain wavelengths of light, reflecting the rest of the spectrum, rather than absorbing it. Since virtually no energy is absorbed by the filter, light transmission is significantly higher than traditional gels and will never burn out or fade. Rosco Permacolor filters are made with the highest quality coatings, designed not to fade or shift color. In addition, Rosco's sophisticated manufacturing process allows for precise color consistency batch to batch to a degree that is unprecedented in other dichroic coatings.

Permacolor filters are manufactured on durable, high temperature borofloat glass.Available in 44 Standard colors, including UV and IR/UV blocking, UV passing, Color Correction, or custom matched to your design.

Rosco Fluorescent Sleeves; Roscosleeves[TM] & Chromasleeves[TM]
Rosco offers two types of products for coloring fluorescent lights. Roscosleeves[TM] are clear polycarbonate tubes with a user-selected color from any of Rosco's three filter ranges. Chromasleeves[TM] are body colored extruded polycarbonate sleeves, available in nine standard colors or any custom color with a minimum of 2400'. Both types of sleeves are available in sizes for T12, T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps.

Rosco Gobos
Gobos are used everywhere in modern lighting to create shapes, shadows and textures. Many designers use gobos to sculpt light in an environment or on an object. The range of standard gobos, well over 1,000 designs, can be seen on Rosco's web site or Gobo Catalog. In addition, Rosco offers custom gobos fabricated in steel or glass to your design in its factories in Texas, England or France.