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Scolmore International Ltd.

Posted on: 28th August 2012, United Kingdom

New Microwave Sensor Technology from Scolmore

Scolmore International has introduced new microwave sensor technology to its range of Fumagalli LED bulkhead fittings - bringing an enhanced, tamper-proof design to the market.

The Lucia and Maddi bulkheads now benefit from this cutting edge technology which will allow instant illumination when night falls and automatic turn off when the light levels have increased or motion detection depending on which mode has been selected.

Because the sensor is an integral part of the product itself, it means it is much less susceptible to damage or interference

Suitable for wall and ceiling installation, the Lucia Round Bulkhead and Maddi Oval Bulkhead are made from a shockproof resin material, are UV rays stabilised and are guaranteed to remain free from rust and corrosion.

Scolmore International is the exclusive UK distributor for Fumagalli - the high quality lighting collection that provides the ultimate ‘fix and forget' solution to a host of outdoor and indoor lighting requirements.
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Scolmore International Ltd., United Kingdom, Tel: 01827 63454, Fax: 01827 63362

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