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Mike Stoane Lighting

Posted on: 5th May 2009, United Kingdom

New LED version of MSL's classic high spec downlight

Mike Stoane Lighting's most high spec and tactile downlight, ADL-CP was originally designed for Copenhagen Opera House with Speirs and Major Associates in 2003. The adjustable fitting locks like no other and the magnetic cover plate conceals the fixings to give it a minimal appearance. Versions for MR16, AR111 and CDMR111 lamps have been used on projects worldwide. The latest version was launched at The Arc Show and incorporates MSL's new Type N LED PCB.

Type N uses either 3 x Cree XRE LED on three circuits or 5 x Cree XRE on two circuits, controlled by 1-10 or DMX. Like all their fittings it has been designed from the lamp out so the whole body of the fitting functions as a heat-sink. It is rebuildable so the PCB can be replaced in the event of failure. The optics can be changed easily, so changes can be made on site.

ADL-CP type N is already being used for retail in locations where revisiting to change lamps would be a nightmare.
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