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Mike Stoane Lighting

Posted on: 30th November 2008, United Kingdom

Mr Mole puts his head above ground!

Mike Stoane Lighting's Tadpole mini LED spot has been getting a lot of attention recently but not everyone has noticed that its more reclusive friend the Mole (he lives underground, he doesn't get out much) is also now rebuildable with the same great features. LEDs can be replaced in the event of failure or at the end of their life and a range of optics are available that can be changed on site, including a range of FHWM lenses and MSL's own 60° reflector. Mole can be ground or wall recessed and an optional shark fin can be provided so it can be used as a downlight.
For further information please contact:

Mike Stoane Lighting, United Kingdom, Tel: 0131 440 1313, Fax: 0131 440 0049

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