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Megaman (UK) Ltd.

Posted on: 10th April 2012, United Kingdom
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Megaman Go Mad at The London Hatter

Megaman's AR111 energy saving lamps have been used throughout the public areas at the newly built J D Wetherspoon's pub The London Hatter in Luton, Bedfordshire. Megaman worked closely with Illumination Lighting to come up with a design that met with the company's stringent criteria on energy savings, whilst providing the required lighting levels.

The London Hatter Pub has been erected on the site of a dilapidated nightclub called legends that was closed some time ago. Megaman's AR111 14W LED G53 have been incorporated in bespoke fittings manufactured by Illumination Lighting and were chosen for their energy saving, long lamp life and the ability to operate in conjunction with dimmers. The luminaires are operated on Mode Lighting's Tiger dimmer units to increase flexibility for mood lighting and increase energy savings.

Megaman's AR111 LED 14W G53 ground-breaking lamps are a direct replacement for halogen spots in terms of both colour temperature and intensity, whilst providing energy saving of up to 80%. Employing the company's patented Thermal Conductive HighwayTM" (TCH) technology, the AR111 LED 14W G53 lamp base option can provides up to 40,000 hours and can be used in conjunction with a dimmer switch - a unique driver is required for the G53 version working with DC1-10V dimmer.

Utilising a large reflector and a miniaturized burner, the AR111 LED provides remarkable performance levels with its narrow beam optic, in addition to with excellent optical control. With its anti-glare shield and glittering facetted mirror, it achieves pinpoint accuracy from a 45° beam angle and the lightweight heat sink ensures that track spots won't tilt. Offering a powerful beam of light equivalent to a 50W halogen lamp and instant start up, they are a true replacement for halogens in terms of colour temperature and intensity but without the unwanted heat generation.

The London Hatter Pub is the first of a roll-out programme for Weatherspoons and is a success in terms of illumination and energy savings. Andrew Gallimore of Illumination Lighting commented "We use Megaman lamps because they reflect quality, reliability and availability, which is crucial to get projects completed on time and to the customers requirements.
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