Lighting Training Courses

The following recommended training courses are available through the Lighting Industry Federation (LIF):

The Lighting Certificate

This course provides a basic level of education in lighting on a national level for people involved in the maintenance, sales and specification of lighting equipment.

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The Advanced Lighting Certificate

The advanced certificate course consists of three modules which are self contained units, taken and assessed separately. The modules include Exterior Lighting, Interior Lighting and Light Measurement.

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Lighting and the Building Regulations Part L 2006 (England & Wales)

This latest edition and the accompanying Approved Documents came into effect from April 2006, and contain significant changes as far as lighting is concerned. The objective of the course is to understand the contents of the Regulations and the Approved Documents that relate to lighting. All four ADs that cover domestic and non-domestic buildings are examined.

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DIALux Lighting Design Software

A one day course covering the DIALux 4.3 software.

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RELUX Lighting Design Software

A one day course covering the RELUX software.

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