Thorn Lighting Limited

Thorn Lighting Limited

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Thorn - Lighting people and places

Thorn is a global quality supplier for complex indoor and outdoor lighting projects based on a long, successful history of customer service and technical innovation. Its mission is to improve the quality of life by providing the best quality lighting for people's work, leisure, education, healthcare and travel in and around our countryside, cities, buildings and monuments.

Thorn provides professional products for indoor and outdoor applications. These range from complete shopping malls and commercial centres, through industrial units, schools and hospitals, to airfields, urban spaces, traffic routes and sports stadia. Throughout it provides reliable lighting concepts and customer driven services contributing to performance, efficiency and comfort.

The company considers the human aspect in all areas of its lighting design. Thorn is also able to supply a global wholesaler product range concentrating on a limited amount of product ranges sold in all countries with clear competitive advantages of quality, ease of installation, marketing, value and excellent logistic service.